Advantages of being Associated


Being an Fórum Oceano member, brings several advantages for your institution:


  • Participation in all cluster animation activities promoted by Fórum Oceano, enjoying many moments of networking, promoting the identification of business opportunities, identifying cooperation projects, participation in networks and national and international partnerships;


  • Participation in events organized and/or promoted by Fórum Oceano with priority and favourable conditions (for example, special registration fee);


  • Participation in trade missions, going to visit relevant partners in other countries or receiving foreign entities, organizing conferences and presentations and, if possible, visits to the associates facilities;


  • Involvement, through Fórum Oceano, in national and international projects of collective interest;


  • Access to a diverse network of international potential partners associated to the Poles and Clusters with whom Oceano XXI cooperates, particularly in Spain, France, Ireland, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Poland and Cape Verde.


  • Access to information and support in the framework applications to the Sea Economy different financial support instruments;


  • Access to intermediary services between associates and the management teams of the Sea Economy different financial instruments;


  • Support of Fórum Oceano Technical Team for the organization of seminars and other events and/or disclosure the activity that the associated institution can organize.


See here how to be associated of Oceano XXI.

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