Aproved Complementary Projects

The Complementary Projects are promoted by Oceano XXI Partners which are recognized by the Association as important contributions to the achievement of the objectives of the Collective Efficiency Strategy (EEC), promoting the generation of added value, contributing to the strategy consolidation and strengthening the Cluster cohesion.


Types of supported Complementary Projects:

  • Support for collective actions at Sea sector
  • Support for Business Research and Development at Sea sector
  • Support for Business Innovation at Sea sector
  • Support for Training and Business Internationalization of the Sea sector
  • Support the Promotion of Qualifications at Sea sector
  • Support for Integrated Valorisation of the Endogenous Potential of Coastal Zones


The Complementary Projects that received support from Oceano XXI are:


  • LinguaTox – Língua bioeletrónica para a deteção de toxinas marinhas em bivalves | CESAM
  • Iberomare – POCTEP | 3B’S Universidade do Minho
  • ICOD | Pascoal & Filhos S.A.
  • Quitoral | BIOSTRUMENT (*)
  • ICARUS | Academia Real Militar da Bélgica (*)
  • CETEMARES | Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (*)



(*) Complementary Projects that received the support since the begging of the EEC (2009).



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