Technical Team

Rui Azevedo |


Graduated in Economics from the Universidade do Porto. Held the position of Vice-Chairman of the CCDR-N and was founding partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quaternaire Portugal S.A. and Director of the Studies Office of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR), where was in charge of coordinating the "Europe of the Sea" study, CRPM's contribution to designing the European Strategy for the Sea. Recently became the coordinating expert of the "Oceanic Agenda of the North Region", promoted by CCDR-N, and took part in the preparation for the Sea Knowledge and Economy Cluster's application to the Collective Efficiency Strategies bid (2009). From 2006 to 2007, worked as the Chairman of the Sea Itinerant University (Universidade Itinerante do Mar - UIM), a project promoted by both Porto and Oviedo Universities and the Portuguese Navy School. Is a part-time Guest Lecturer at Engineering Faculty, Porto Universty (FEUP).


Carla Domingues |

Environment | Marine Biotechnology | Fisheries and Aquaculture | Conservation and Transformation of Fish | Knowledge, Research and Technological Development || REMCAP | ATLANTICBLUETECH | COFASP

Graduated in Biology, MSc in Coastal Zone Sciences and PhD in Biology from the University of Aveiro. Has more than 10 years of experience in marine scientific research, which resulted in authorship and co-authorship of several scientific papers and conference presentations. She participated in various national and international projects, collaborating with institutions such as the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM, UA), the Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR, UP) and the Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory (MEFGL, U. Bangor, UK). More recently she has been involved in the European consortium EuroMarine which has introduced her to the transfer of Sea scientific knowledge to public stakeholders.

Elisabete Mota |

Nautic and Nautical Tourism || Image and Communication 

Graduated in Mathematics, Post Graduated in Remote Sensing and Master in Geographic Information Systems, trainings held at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto. Among sporadic periods of employment as a teacher in public schools (teaching Mathematics), incorporated the Wind Energy team of the Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Institute (INEGI), during which time was responsible for wind data analysis and Wind Farms project management; had been involved in the MORWAQ project for predicting limits for water quality parameters (group LIADD, INESC Porto) and most recently was part of ESA CoastColour international project, participating in the organization and analysis of oceanographic data and validating the new products of MERIS satellite images (Oceanography Centre, Lisbon). In 2012 participated, as a student, in the Sea Itinerant University Project (Universidade Itinerante do Mar - UIM), on-board of the Portuguese Sea Training Vessel NTM Creoula, which motivated, moreover, her interest in the sea knowledge and by the knowledge of being at the Sea.


Frederico Ferreira |

Construction, Maintenance and Ship Repair | Ports, Transport and Logistics | Defence and Maritime Security || REMCAP | ATLANTICBLUETECH

Graduated in Regional and Urban Planning Engineer (Engenharia do Território) from the Technical University of Lisbon (IST -UTL) and Post Graduated on Renewable Energies. Regarding the sea economy, he worked for the Forward Studies Unit of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), participating in the "Europe of the Sea” Study (CRPM's contribution to designing the European Strategy for the Sea). Made part of the Maritime Policy Task Force of European Commission, in Brussels, where he had responsibilities on regional issues and socio-economic data. He was also Executive Director of IDCEM – Institute for the Development of the Knowledge and Economy of the Sea, participating in the creation of the Sea Knowledge and Economy Cluster and OCEANO XXI Association.


Liliana Gonçalves |

Services || Administrative and Financial Area | Economic Analysis

Graduated in Economics from Porto University. Worked as a commercial assistant at Banco Popular for a year. Before joining the Fórum Oceano team held a short-lived stage in the Central Balance Sheet of the Bank of Portugal (Banco de Portugal), in the quality control session and analysis of individual data of non-financial companies (reported under the IES – Simplified Business Information) to ensure the production of statistical quality aggregates. In this stage was one of the two persons to score full marks.

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